About Us


HAFCO is a PMA (Project Management Agency) based in Chandigarh, which offers complete solutions for food processing, integrated cold chain projects and other Agro based business. We provide management, capacity building, coordination and monitoring support services to entrepreneurs in execution of the projects. Such services may include providing expert services on identification and establishment of effective supply chain, technology sourcing, market linkages etc. We work with individuals, companies, program management agencies, public sector banks and government or government associated organizations to develop strategies and implement processes to enable them to:
  • Respond to major changes in their business environment, such as legislation or emerging technologies along with various schemes related to subsidy offered by various government departments mentioned above.
  • Formulate detailed Project Reports and execute the projects in transparent, efficient and timely manner.
  • Help procure, purchase land and ensure external Infrastructure linkage for the project.
  • Obtain statutory approvals and clearances, including environmental clearance.
  • Manage stakeholder, achieve financial closure and ensure completion of project.